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Is Your Kansas City Home Susceptible to Water Damage?

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Since spring is finally upon us, we want to take this opportunity to touch on a very important issue we often come across around this time of year.

The winter takes a toll on a lot of Kansas City homes, and as a result, people struggle to keep the exterior of their home in good enough shape to keep water out. Whether it's plumbing inside or the elements outside, water is a home's worst enemy. In order to protect your property from the various damages water can cause, there are a few things you need to look at now that spring has sprung.

The grading around your property is very important. You want one inch of fall per foot per six feet grading around your property. This way, when water hits the ground, it will run away from your foundation. If you're not careful about your grading, water could drop or crack your patio! The first two or three years that you're in a home, you're going to see some settling. If you have a home that is three years or less, add some dirt, seed, or sod around your foundation to help with drainage.

Another thing you want to do at this time is test your sump pumps and make sure they are running properly. We get about five listings a year where we have to disclose that the home has water in the basement as a result of defective sump pumps.

Every year, wood rots or moves - it's just
something that happens over the course of a long Kansas City winter. Take a look at your siding and around your foundation and caulk any cracks or gaps that you find. You want to make sure everything is buttoned down tight to prevent future problems.

If you have any questions about how you can protect your home from weather damage, or if you need any real estate assistance at all, give me a call or shoot me a quick email. We always love to hear from you!

How to Avoid a Devastating Dryer Fire

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Selling your Kansas City home? Get a free Home Price Evaluation

 Today, I want to discuss a recent tragedy and what we can learn from it. Not long ago, a home caught on fire due to the dryer vent clogging up, and the home was destroyed as a result.

I have some tips for you to keep in mind so this doesn't happen to you. If you notice that your clothes aren't getting as dry as they usually do, it's a sign that your dryer tube may be clogging up. Keep an eye on that by taking a look at it twice a year and making sure your drying machine is getting the proper ventilation. Also, current code states that plastic tubes are dangerous, and that foil tubes should be used because they are flame resistant. 

I just wanted to share this with you because this could happen to anyone. 

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